Managing Contracts in the Ever Changing Coronavirus Landscape

“The Coronavirus has caused unprecedented uncertainty in the construction industry with economic conditions and government advice changing by the day.  In these circumstances it is important for members to understand their legal rights and liabilities under existing contracts as well as relevant issues to  consider for future contracts.  Members have raised the following questions with NECA Legal in the last week:

- What are my rights if there is a site lockdown due to coronavirus?   
- What happens if I cannot supply labour, goods or equipment because of the coronavirus?
Your rights and obligations will of course depend on the terms of the relevant contract.  The webinar will focus on the following key contract topics to consider:
• Changes in Legislation;
• Delay Costs and Extensions of time;
• Suspension of works; 
• “Force Majeure” what does it mean and how does it apply?  
• Termination or Frustration of Contracts; 
• Lockdown of sites and exemptions for Essential Services?
• Foreshadowed changes to relax the Insolvency Laws and directors liabilities to assist business survive the coronavirus pandemic
• Are your OHS procedures “Coronavirus” compliant?”

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