Share Market Methodology & Opportunities with Russ Jones

The Dow Jones posted 2 of the top 5 worst ever declines in its history this month. Not since the 1987 crash have we witnessed wealth destruction on such a grand scale, and this fast. According to some of the world’s top economists and investors, this pain is only the beginning. Because this time it’s different.

The worst may not be here yet. We are at a critical junction, with investors panicking and fearful. How you position your investments and super funds in the coming weeks can have a major impact on your future wealth and life. Back in 2008, Russ Jones, Senior Wealth Advisor, helped clients navigate the storm and not only survive the crash and subsequent market corrections… but thrive. 
Exclusively for NECA Members and friends, this is a critical webinar if you have any money or super in the markets. You do not want to miss this briefing. Russ is not just some pundit or talking head. He puts his own money on the line with these opportunities and ideas.
Russ will help NECA members gain a greater understanding of:
• How to position portfolios to best capture investments that are trading at generational lows
• What to invest in as we emerge from the economic slowdown generated by the COVID-19 Virus
• When we might get to the other side of an economic recovery
• Why asset allocation and portfolio construction is the most important consideration for successfully navigating the markets